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Please see my new MVC3 Razor Custom Membership Provider using LINQ and C# here:

This ssscustommembership project in VB.NET covers these topics:

Creating the Project and Folders.
The Table Data Structure used for this Tutorial.
Setting up your Web.config file for your custom provider.
Creating your Data Access Layer to your legacy SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2003 database.
Creating your custom MembershipProvider class which implements the ValidateUser, GetUser, and CreateUser methods.
Creating a custom MembershipUser class.
Creating a Provider Wrapper Class for Overloaded and Custom GetUser and CreateUser methods.
How to call / use the Custom MembershipProvider and Wrapper within a codebehind page.

This project was written in VB and can be opened in Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio.

A tutorial is here:

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